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Gymnastics Fundraiser Calendar. Editable in Canva. Calendar is for current month ONLY. 


Change background color, name, level/gym name, and instructions. Days and gymnast silhouettes are not editable. 


  • Post calendar on your social media, email, or even text it out for your gymnast.
  • Pick a day and donate that amount ex. 21st=$21 
  • To take it up a notch, tell them to pick a day and message them with more details. Add an incentive such as entering them into a raffle for them to win a special prize (gift card, product from another business, etc) if they give an additional amount on top of the day they picked ($5, $10). Add an incentive such as entering them into a raffle for them to win a special prize by giving an additional amount.



All proceeds will go to our Level 5 Competitive Gymnast.

Gymnastics Fundraiser Calendar

  • Download PDF file and click "CLICK HERE" to be directed to Canva. Log into your account or create a free account to get started editable 

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