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Our digital scorecard was inspired by our Level 5 gymnast! We wanted to share her scores to all her supports especially those who donated to her fundraiser calendar. This scorecard can be posted on social media, emailed, or sent out to friends/family. 


This is a personalized ready to go scorecard. The layout will be the same as pictured. You will have a space to enter in  your scorecard information for every meet by updating scores, meet name, and date. 


This scorecard is great with actino shots. You can screenshot a video you have and send that over and we will let you know if it works before designing. 

Digital Scorecard #5 (Personalized)

  • You will receive a jpeg file that you can use your phone or apps to add text such as meet scores, place, meet name, and date. Canva and Add text are suggested apps that can be used. 

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